CRS Track – Geospatial Tools for CRS  | Dade/Florida Keys Rooms

Interactive Training: Using Free Online Map Services for Flood Risk Assessments, Flood Map Information Services, and Real Estate Disclosure Programs (Please bring a computer) (Related Activities: 320, 330, 340) | Lisa Foster, CFM, Pinellas County

Maps are an effective method of communicating information about flood hazards. Residents and businesses that are aware of potential flood hazards can take steps to avoid problems and/or reduce their exposure to flooding.

There are numerous free, easy to use map services that contain statewide flood related data. Learn how to use these resources to assess flood risk and improve your Floodplain Management Program. Learn how these services and data can be used for your Real Estate Flood Disclosure program and Flood Map Information Service, which may be eligible for CRS credit under Activities 320, 330, 340, and 370.