Floodplain Management Track  | Cape Canaveral/Volusia Rooms

Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts: G-194.4 Preparing for Post-Disaster Responsibilities | Vince Seijas

The scope of this module includes an introduction to pre- and post-disaster planning as well as an introduction to post-disaster operations. Participants learn how to identify partners and resources, create a post-disaster SOP, manage public information campaigns, conduct detailed substantial damage inspections, handle substantial damage declarations and posting, manage permitting, documentation, and compliance, and access potential funding sources.

FEMA/FDEM Track  | Sarasota/Hillsborough/Pinellas Rooms

Post-Disaster Floodplain Management – FEMA/FDEM Led Workshops | Jason Hunter, CFM, FEMA • Steve Martin, CFM, CPM, FDEM • Collis Brown, CFM, FEMA

Session V  Mitigation and Future Strategies for Flood Disaster Recovery  (60 minutes)

  • Action 6 Identify Post Disaster and Mitigation Funding Assistance
    • Disaster Assistance For Communities (PA)
    • Disaster Assistance For Communities, and Homeowners (HMGP)
    • Non-Disaster Assistance For Property Owners
    • Other Federal, State, and Non-Profit funding sources
  • Putting it all Together – Future Initiatives Discussion and Wrap Up
    • FEMA, State, Silver Jackets, FFMA, BOAF
    • Post Disaster Response for CRS Credits
    • Stormwater Master Plans for CRS
    • Community Needs for Future Disasters (“Pain Points” and “Solutions”)

Insurance Track  | Dade/Florida Keys Rooms

Floodplain Managers and Flood Insurance Questions | Amy Itschner, Aon National Flood Services (45 minutes)

The NFIP enters its 50th year in 2018.  And while the flood insurance program has grown in size, it has also grown in complexity.  This workshop will discuss some key elements and resources that can help the floodplain manager when working with a property owner.  Points covered will include:

  • Helping a property owner complete an Elevation Certificate for Zone AO and A (no BFE)
  • New resources at the FEMA Map Service Center that make it easier for the property owner
  • Helping explain why a premium is high – and what might help reduce it
  • Update on April 1st rate and program changes as well as January 2019 changes

If you ever get calls from property owners with flood insurance questions, you won’t want to miss this interactive session!

Understanding Flood Claims and Increased Cost of Compliance: What Floodplain Managers Need to Know | Katherine Howington, CFM, ANFI, Bankers Insurance Group (45 minutes)

Whether it is a hurricane like Irma or a rain storm that just sits and soaks a local area, flooding and flood insurance claims will continue to happen in Florida. And while the insurance adjuster, agent and company all have a role in the claims process, it is important for local floodplain managers to know that process and what role they play, especially if it is substantially or repetitively damaged.

Come hear how claims are adjusted, in a way floodplain managers can understand, and reacquaint yourself with how Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) works and the role of the floodplain manager. At the end of this interactive workshop, you will walk away with a better understanding of the claims process and ICC…and how you can be involved, the next time it floods!