• Leveraging Existing Watershed Models for Flood Forecasting PurposesPeter J. Singhofen, P.E., Streamline Technologies, Inc.

Tens of millions of dollars are spent each year collecting data and preparing detailed watershed models across the State of Florida for flood risk assessment purposes. The feasibility of leveraging these existing models for flood forecasting purposes is explored in this presentation. Rainfall forecast data products of the National Water Model (NWM) are applied to numerous existing ICPR models for Hurricane Irma. The medium range forecast data provides 2-3 days advanced notice of peak flood conditions to a reasonable level of accuracy in most cases relative to both timing and magnitude. Since these are detailed models, flood forecasts can be made at the street level, providing emergency response teams with valuable information for coordinating and dispatching limited resources.

  • Federal Updates – Jason Hunter, CFM, Kristen Martinenza, P.E., CFM

  • State Updates – Steve Martin, CFM, CPM, FDEM