Cece McKiernan, CFM, President, McKiernan Consulting Services LLC, cece@mckiernanconsulting.us, 813-966-1265 Florida Floodplain Managers Association Executive Director Cece has Bachelor of Science Degrees in Biology and Marine Science from the University of Tampa and a Masters’ Degree in Environmental Health from the University of South Florida.  She worked for 17 years as an Environmental Administrator for the Florida Department of Environmental Protection.  For the past 8 years she has worked in private consulting providing coordination and outreach related to flood risk and mapping.  Cece started her own consulting firm in 2012 and is continuing her work in floodplain management outreach.  Cece is a Certified Floodplain Manager. Company McKiernan Consulting Services LLC is a Florida based, minority owned business with a focus on scientific communication, outreach, coordination and service.  With over 25 years of experience, owner, Cece McKiernan, has gained a wealth of knowledge and created lasting relationships with leaders and experts in the environmental and flood risk fields.  Having worked for and with both government and private sector clients, as well as non-profit organizations, Cece understands what is required to complete a task while keeping in mind the educational and social importance of engaging stakeholders and community members in the activities.  Working with federal, state and local government clients as well as coordinating with numerous private consulting firms has given Cece and insight into the needs of all parties involved.  Through interaction with citizens at public open houses and elected officials during briefings, she understands how difficult communicating technical information can be and she knows how to properly present it to all parties to build trust and take into account all points of view creating an atmosphere of teamwork and cooperation.