Dr. Krishnamurthy has received his Ph.D and M.E., from the University of Florida,  M.Sc.  from Indian Institute of Science, and B.E  from University of Madras. He is a Professional Engineer in the States of Florida and Maryland, and he is a CFM, and Stormwater Management Operator. Since 1976, he has been involved in many aspects of the National Flood Insurance Program. He conducted hydrology and hydraulics analysis for the Flood Insurance Studies in Maryland, and Alabama. As  the past Manager of  Stormwater Management Division, he was the coordinator of NFIP and CRS programs for Orange County. Currently as President of  Hydro Modeling Inc, he served as an expert witness in interpreting FEMA rules,  advised local firms in obtaining LOMRs, assisted local communities in FIRM revisions, and helped City of St. Petersburg in applying for the CRS  450 credits.