Steve Martin, CFM, CPM, holds degrees from both UF and FSU and has worked with the Florida Division of Emergency Management for the past 7 years as a Floodplain Program Manager for the State Floodplain Management Office, and currently serves as the State NFIP Coordinator/Floodplain Manager.  Previously, Steve worked in the private sector doing historic preservation consulting, and project management for restoration projects at Naval Air Stations in Florida, and at the USMA at West Point, New York.  Steve has worked with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection for 23 years in environmental and land resource planning and historic preservation.  He specialized in riverine resource planning and management and promulgated management plans and rules for protection of state-designated wild and scenic rivers.  While in this capacity, he supervised the department’s inter-agency Florida Rivers Assessment project and wrote Florida’s first wetlands priority acquisition plan.