Community Rating System

Breakout Session

CRS Track – Geospatial Tools for CRS  | Dade/Florida Keys Rooms Interactive Training: Using Free Online Map Services for Flood Risk Assessments, Flood Map Information Services, and Real Estate Disclosure Programs (Please bring a computer) (Related Activities: 320, 330, 340) |... Read More

Breakout Sessions

Floodplain Management Track  | Cape Canaveral/Volusia Rooms Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts: G-194.1 Local Floodplain Manager Roles and Responsibilities | Vince Seijas This module reviews the major roles of the floodplain manager who serves as a coordinator, regulator, educator, and planner. Participants learn... Read More

ISO One-on-Ones

(See ISO staff for appointments)... Read More

Breakout Sessions

CRS Track  | Palm Beach/Broward Rooms 3:30 pm – 4:00 pm City of Fernandina Beach PPI (Related Activities: 330) | Angie Lester, SBTO, City of Fernandina Beach • Chris Mason, CFM, Collier County • Sue Ann Alleger, MLA, Nassau County In January of 2017... Read More