Floodplain Management Track  | Cape Canaveral/Volusia Rooms

Advanced Floodplain Management Concepts: G-194.1 Local Floodplain Manager Roles and Responsibilities | Vince Seijas

This module reviews the major roles of the floodplain manager who serves as a coordinator, regulator, educator, and planner. Participants learn about the organizations and individuals that need to be coordinated with, recordkeeping practices, regulatory responsibilities, tools for handling violations, and methods for providing information on insurance implications and mitigation planning.

FEMA/FDEM Track  | Sarasota/Hillsborough/Pinellas Rooms

Post-Disaster Floodplain Management – FEMA/FDEM led workshops | Jason Hunter, CFM, FEMA • Steve Martin, CFM, CPM, FDEM • Collis Brown, CFM, FEMA

Session I  Introductions  (60 minutes)

  • Discussion about Floodplain Managers’ Experience
    • Billie Jacoby/Shaun McNaulty – Lee County
    • Caroline Cilek – Collier County
    • Terry Smallwood – Everglades City
    • Buddy Shauland – Matthew vs. Irma Experiences

Session II  Overview of Hurricane Irma Mitigation Strategies  (30 minutes)

  • Hurricane Irma statistics
  • Overview of Statewide Irma Mitigation Efforts by FEMA-State
    • JFO and Mitigation Strategic Plan
    • FEMA Teams and FCACs conducted
    • Discussion about PDAs, APDAs, Preliminary Substantial Damage Determinations (interactive discussion with key participants)
    • Long-term FEMA-State-Local SDD strategy and goals
    • Community Place-Based Initiative for Mitigation using PA & HMGP
  • Discussion about remainder of FEMA-State support for communities through December 2018 (15 minutes)

GIS Track  | Palm Beach/Broward Rooms

Flood Modeling with ArcGIS | Corey Gens, ESRI

In this session we will discuss updates to ArcHydro, other methods for modeling inundation, and updates to the National Water Model. This session will be technically focused on how to use ArcGIS to model flood inundation and share that information out with organizations of interest. It will also include updates on the current state of ArcHydro and future planned updates.

ICPR Track  | Dade/Florida Keys Rooms

Using ICPR4 to Quantify Flood Risk for Land-Locked Systems | Pete Singhofen, P.E., Streamline Technologies, Inc.

This workshop delves into the challenging problems of quantifying flood risks of land-locked stormwater management systems, where percolation, leakage and evapotranspiration are the only outfalls. Topics such as groundwater – surface water interaction, confining layers, leakage through confining layers, saturated horizontal groundwater flow, unsaturated vertical groundwater flow, physically-based infiltration methods, vertically stratified soil columns, importance of directly connected impervious areas, and drain wells are discussed. Numerous real world examples are presented with detailed descriptions of model setup and interpretation of results.