With a background in public policy, coastal management, and sociology, Ms. Stiller has been with NOAA since 2001. She is focused on the Gulf of Mexico and Southeast regions, and is based in St. Petersburg. Before joining NOAA, Ms. Stiller worked for the North Carolina Division of Emergency Management, and spent three years at the Florida Coastal Management Program. In recent years, NOAA has had a growing focus on the topic of resilience — working to identify and promote activities that enhance the resilience of the built, natural, and social environments of coastal communities. Ms. Stiller has been involved in efforts to identify resilience factors, and to provide data and tools to help communities address and communicate coastal inundation risks. Land use planning that incorporates hazard mitigation, climate adaptation, and natural resource sustainability is a focus of Ms. Stiller’s work. She is also a trained facilitator and regularly assists customers in the Gulf and Southeast with meeting design and execution.