Payal Pandya is the Stormwater Engineer with City of Ocala, Florida. She has been with the City of Ocala since 2012. Her previous endeavor was with the Marion County Engineering Department from 2005 to 2012. There she worked as a Project Manager. Prior to Marion County, she worked in Lakeshore Engineering Services in Detroit, Michigan for almost seven years. There she served as an Assistant Project Engineer where she was involved in the construction of the Chlorination and Dechlorination system at the rouge and the Detroit River outfall. Prior to Detroit, Pandya was a professor at an Engineering College in India for approximately nine years. Pandya holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Water Resources and a master’s degree in Civil Engineering with a concentration in Town & Regional Planning. She is a Registered Professional Engineer for the State of Florida and a Certified Floodplain Manager. Pandya is married and has two children.