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  1. Please join the Florida Geographic Information Office e-mail distribution list.
  2. You can find the majority of our meeting references on the notes posted to the FGIO Hub Site.  The notes and slides are updated every afternoon.
  3. Here’s a cheat sheet on Florida GIS data, maps, apps, and dashboards for your members:
    1. Florida Division of Emergency Management / SERT  Geospatial Open Data Portal
      Applications, maps, and data for the FDEM and SERT.
    2. Florida Statewide Geospatial Open Data Portal
      In addition to foundation authoritative data, this portal provides links to other Florida Water Management District, State Agency, and Commission geospatial open data portals.
    3. FEMA Geospatial Resource Center
      FEMA GIS supports the emergency management community with world-class geospatial information, services, and technologies to prepare for, protect against, respond to, and recover from and mitigate against all hazards.

Hurricane Ian Disaster Recovery Webinar 4 (10/28/2022)

FDEM Update, Joint Field Office (Brandon), AECOM Support and Services, FDEM GIS High Water Mark Collection, Ashley Tharp Flood Insurance and Elevation Certificates, Rebecca Quinn FDEM Ordinance Information

Hurricane Ian Disaster Recovery Webinar 3 (10/21/2022)

FEMA Update, Request for Damage Assessment Volunteers, Charlotte County Update (Please note the sound was lost during this update. We apologize for the inconvenience.)

Hurricane Ian Disaster Recovery Webinar 2 (10/14/2022)

FDEM update, FEMA update, Lee County GIS Damage Assessment, Flood Insurance information

Hurricane Ian Disaster Recovery Webinar 1 (10/7/2022)

FDEM update, FEMA update, Forerunner SI/SD tracking software, FFMA Resource Page