Happy New Year, Florida Floodplain Managers! As we move further into 2020, we are looking forward to a productive year of helping our communities by reducing flood risk and loss.

Registration is now open for the 2020 FFMA Conference. The event will be April 7-10 in Orlando at the DoubleTree Hotel at the Entrance to Universal, and is appropriately themed, ‘Working Universally to Stop Flooding.’ Registration is now live at this link!

Moving into the second week of March, we will be celebrating Florida Flood Awareness Week. Our goal is for communities throughout Florida to be unified in their knowledge and understanding, and speak with one voice. FFMA has provided suggestions for cohesive daily messaging that can be found at FLfloods.org/faw.

Lastly, the ASFPM Annual Conference will take place in Fort Worth, Texas on June 7-11. Our Florida chapter has been setting a high bar for other states, winning the John Ivey Award for Superior Efforts in Certification as a Chapter in 2015, and then having our superstar Sally Cook win it last year, Chapter of the Year in 2017, and back-to-back annual CRS Awards for Excellence by members Lisa Foster and Sean Lanier! Additionally, we have two members on the national ASFPM Board of Directors: Shannon Riess from FDEM serving as Vice Chair, and FFMA Chair Del Schwalls serving as our Region 4 Director. We look forward to another year of informative conference presentations from our members that highlight the efforts put forth by Florida Floodplain Managers. Join us in Texas for ‘Resiliency Where the West Begins’!