By:™ & Smart Vent Products, Inc.

With the release of the 2018 Energy Codes and the overall demand from the industry, there was a need for more sealed flood opening assemblies. As a result, the private sector stepped up and Smart Vent Products created the Flood Vent Sealing Kit as an energy efficient accessory to add to wall openings that contain the SMART VENT Insulated Flood Vent Model 1540-520.

The new Flood Vent Sealing Kit works to create a tight seal behind the vent opening and finish off the interior space while the vent is not in use. When a flood event occurs, the precut Homasote material blows out from the area in the center, creating a now unobstructed opening to allow the insulated flood door to open automatically.

Keep an eye out for these in the field, each will have a label in the bottom right hand corner with the ICC-ES Report Number (ESR-2074) providing confidence that the system meets the flood venting requirements.

To see a video of how the Flood Vent Sealing Kit will perform under flooding conditions, click here.

  • Easy to Retrofit onto SMART VENT Insulated Flood Vent Model# 1540-520
  • Meets 2018 Energy Codes
  • ICC-ES Certified
  • Creates a Tight Seal Equivalent to a Window
  • Mold and Mildew Resistant
  • Comes in Clean White Finish
  • Requires Minimum 7” Wall Depth

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