The Association of State Floodplain Managers Releases:

“Understanding and Managing Flood Risk: A Guide for Elected Officials”

Floods are the leading cause of natural disaster losses in the United States.  Understanding the vulnerability of people and the built environment is an important first step to minimize impacts from the next flood.  ASFPM has recently published a free three-part comprehensive guide for elected officials.  And, while it may seem challenging, flood management boils down to protecting people and property.  This flood risk guide walks elected officials through the key information they need to know to meet that responsibility.  The ASFPM Foundation partnered with ASFPM in the development of this guide.

The Guide for Elected Officials in broken down into three volumes:

  • Volume I:     The Essentials
    Learn the essentials that elected officials need to know about flood risk in their community.
  • Volume II:     Moving Beyond the Essentials
    Takes a deeper dive into property protection, flood insurance, managing and strengthening local flood management programs, and more.
  • Volume III:    Success Stories
    Explore case studies and interviews from a variety of communities nationwide that successfully tackled flood mitigation.

Wise flood management provides the means to address communities’ flood problems before, during, and after an event as well as create sustainable development for future generations.  The new publication, “A Guide for Elected Officials” can be found on the ASFPM website by clicking here.