FEMA’s Flood Risk Communication Toolkit and the Video Series for Community Officials are now available on FEMA.gov, or you can click here.

The Toolkit and Video Series are intended to empower community officials to more effectively communicate with the public about flood risk to help residents and other stakeholders become full partners in increasing resilience.  The resources showcase the benefits of the mapping program and its connection to risk reduction and resilience. Both the Toolkit and videos use plain language, and the information they provide is standardized but not prescriptive.

We encourage you to share the Toolkit and videos during Risk MAP meetings and in meetings with the public, on social media, at local events and conferences. We also invite you to share your plans to use these resources and your experiences when implementing. Your input will help us deliver a program that customers value and trust.




Please provide comments to Michelle Madeley
Federal Insurance & Mitigation Administration | Risk Management Directorate
Office: (202) 212-7264  |  Cell:  (202) 655-9425